Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fighting the End of Summer

School starts next week. I'm glad and then, not. There's still too much to do! DH has been on vacation and we decided to pull the camper out and head to the coast. This is not a happy camper:

A flat tire is no fun, especially on a 2 lane highway with big trucks whizzing by! Here's our home:It was extremely windy, but the kids fished anyway.

The most interesting catch was this striped thing:I think this is the dorkfish-see it's teeth:

Big sister-bait and tackle expert:The next day we went to the beach. We had to take a short ferry ride to get there:Can't say this is my favorite mode of transportation-glad the ride was short!The kids spent a lot of time catching clams:And playing in the tidepools:And just enjoying the beach:

And then some shopping:

We did a little geocaching and found the coolest one so far! It didn't have a 'cache', but it was an interesting find. Can you see it?

It was so tiny! The strip looked like a piece from the paper shredder! Here's another interesting find:Here's some yard art seen on the geocache tour-I think some people are still a little upset:The sticker on the hat says Enron Oil and Gas.

We made it back refreshed and joyful. Tonight we have football for the boys, dance team practice for the girl and a Girl Scout swim party. We have unpacked and are fixin' to repack for a short trip to Aunt Pam's. I told you-there is still way too much do for school to be starting!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim
Looks like you guys had alot of fun. The striped fish is a sheep head.good catch! See ya tonight
Love julia