Friday, August 15, 2008

Home Alone

DH and the kids went north this morning to visit Nanny and Aunt Pam. I stayed home. I had the pleasure of working yet another Bohemian Picnic-the polka was pumpin'-I know you're jealous. Shenann and I got to sell Gator raffle tickets. I say 'got to' because it beats the heck out of working in the hamburger stand. (We have to work a certain amount of fund raisers for school) In case you're wondering-it's 1 for $25 or 5 for $100. People were forkin' over Ben Franklins like crazy! See our fun: Three hours in the sun and my only thought was-who let Granny out?After my shift, I came home, had a nap and then went to the movies with Julia. We saw Mama Mia. It was a really fun movie! I came home cranked up some ABBA and jumped on the bed *grin*That's what goes on around here when I'm left home alone.

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brandy said...

i think i need to do that, but better make sure the kids aren't sround or i'll get my hinny spanked. Brandy Ischy