Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Always Wanted To Get Paid To Be Here!

We live in an area that has a humongous Antique/Junque Show every six months. I don't think the whole thing has a name-it's lots of small shows all in the same area, pretty much all at the same time. Some call it Warrenton, some call it Round Top, some call it Marburger. Whatever you call it, it's FABULOUS! It's miles and miles of antiques, art, vintage everything and some actual junk thrown in. It lasts about 12 days. In other words, it's Heaven for the likes of me. My friends and I have gone out there every year, usually 3 or 4 days and it's just not enough. I always find myself saying "I wish I could get someone to pay me to be here!" Well guess what, Wally, it's happened! I'm hawking ads for the Show Daily and loving every minute of it! I'm loving the press pass, too. I can park just about anywhere AND some places'll even feed me lunch for free!
This place is full of the most interesting people and things.

Take Coffee Bug for instance:

It's a VW bug. It's a coffee shop. Here's the story:
For whatever reason, most of the vendors have a pretty quirky, off-the-wall sense of humor. It makes for a very pleasant day.
(Found in Rose of Texas field)

Bobby raised this rock from a pebble the sign reads.
(Found in the field in front of Renck Hall)

(Campbell Building)
Pretties are abundant as well:

(Cottage Gatherings-Campbell Building)

(Punkies-outside of Oldenburg-ish)

I've been at it really hard since Monday morning. I wasn't gonna go this weekend because I figured the kids would have a hissy fit about it. Surprise, surprise-they wanted to go! I took them to the La Bahia show because it just opened and I hadn't been there yet. I got a little work done and the kids had fun, too.

In my completely biased opinion, the above photo should be featured in the April edition of the magazine.

We all had a ball on the gigantic teeter-totters:

Once I was out of money for ice cream and snow cones, it was time to go home...

See you soon-like tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kim, what fun!!! I hope you have great week and make lots of money and have lots of fun.
Missing you

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

That's sounds like an awesome job! But I can see where you would get tired.

I have started talking to some of the TX gals that are going to Silver Bella this year. We are hoping to get a group together & head down to Warrenington for the Spring show. Maybe stay over night a day or two. I've never been & I'm just itching to go! xoxo, Joanna