Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm the Quarterbacks Mama

Yes, my darling boy is the QB. I'm dreaming of NFL days for him...I mean if he doesn't go ahead and be an astronaut and all. It's only his second year to play ever and he's already the QB. The sky's the limit baby (high five-giggle, giggle)!
Last Saturday was their first game. It was a massacre. We were not the victors. The other team had lots of boys. Really big boys. And fast, too.

This is them:

This is us:

I think the pads and helmets weigh more than these two combined.

This is mini. He's the QB's little brother. What he doesn't have in weight and speed he makes up for in persistence and personality. He even growled at the other team. He's scary.

Football Rocks! (Even when you get your butt kicked)

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