Friday, September 19, 2008

Today's Yard Sale Glory

Thursday night I was desperately trying to find someone to go shopping with me. Julia wasn't coming in and I just didn't feel like going it alone. I called Shenann: "Hey, don't go to work on Friday-come shopping instead." "No, I've already been gone too many days this week. I can't."
Drat. So I called Cynthia: "Hey, play hookey tomorrow and go shopping with me." "I can't. It's too busy-I have to go to work." Double Drat. Fine-I'll go by myself. At 7 Friday morning my phone was ringing. I get panicked when my phone rings early or late. I nervously picked up the phone: "Hello?" It was Cynthia. I won't go into details, but I will tell you she went shopping with me! Thank you, God for pink eye (*grin*)! [Note to Shenann-I think it might be wise for you to just go ahead and skip work the next time I ask, the affliction resulting from a 'no' might not be as easy as pink eye-I'm just sayin']

I found lots of goodies:

Prayer box necklace-somebody's gettin' this for Christmas-if you think it might be you, just move on:
Lovely Folk Artsy toothpick Christmas ornaments. Somebody's probably gettin' these too:

Super nifty, super old leather lacing craft kit-we'll be working on these this weekend. Again-somebody's gettin' a cool sum'n, sum'n for Christmas:

I'll use these old aluminum molds for soap (which somebody will be gettin' for Christmas):

I like buttons:

These are some decorations for that "American Legion Hall Chic" look I'll be going for come Christmas:

I'm gonna make an apron-yep, you got it-for somebody for Christmas:

And a Halloween one, too:

And I'm gonna wrap all these glorious treasures in the fabuloso Vintage Wrapping Paper I found. And label it with this Vinage Chalk


She's gonna be a (cough) GRANDMA and I am gonna gussy this up for the new baby.

These leather purses were a steal! If I can get the leather cleaned-guess what-yup-somebody's gettin' one for Christmas:

These next things are just fun stuff for me:

These are already gracing my kitchen table.

This is a load of fun stuff-just for kicks:

I found way more than this too! Yes, it as an amazing day. There's also 4 (count 'em, 4) vintage dresses I found that need a little love before they are ready for their blog debut.
There are some awesome sales Saturday morning, but my boys have their first football game. I'll tell you all about it when it's over! Wish us SKILL!


Anonymous said...

Oh Kim it looks like you had a awsome day after all. I miss you soooooooooooo much!!!!! I couldnt help but cry when I saw the rocking horse. I'm soooo home sick for our time together. I'll try to come home next weekend.
Love Julia

Anonymous said...

Hey just thought I would drop you a note so that someone besides Julia leaves you a comment on your blog. I will go shopping with you the next friday I am in Texas

Kim said...

Ok, Anonymous, I'll be looking for you!