Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The kids have been jazzed up all day~something about dressing up, parties at school and lots of candy really gets them excited. We had a soldier boy, a 50's greaser and a couple of goth girls.

We 'trick-or-treat'ed (well, they did-I drove along behind).

{Notice the very large bag by the very small boy~aim high darlin'!}
Played some games:

They even got a hay ride:

The highlight of the evening was compliments of this troublemaker: Can you guess what it was?

Good work, kids, good work.

Here's some pretty painted pumpkins from last week:

The evening is over-much to everyone's disappointment~now it's time to watch all those scarey movies on TV. I'll bet they won't make it another 20 minutes!

Ghoul night-sleep tight~don't let the werewolves bite!


Anonymous said...

HEy, I love to keep up w/you and your family on your blog. You;re just so darn witty! and of course I can relate well to many of your stories and activities w/ your children!
love and miss ya,
Mary B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim
Halloween is long over!! Please there has to be somthing new going on in your life. Let me in!! I need my Kim fix.
Love ya