Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Neglect and Rejuvination

I am a Christian woman. That means that I believe God sent Jesus , who was fully human and fully Divine, to Earth to teach us and to be the ultimate sacrifice for ALL human beings. We are created in the image of God and are put on this Earth as His creation to glorify and praise Him. I do not use this blog as a forum for my faith. It's mostly friends and family that wind up here so I share pics and stories about my kids and other 'fun' things. I don't want people who don't know me to land here, see my blog splattered with "Christianity" and then use my shortfalls and imperfections as a reason to say "She calls herself a Christian and just look how trifling, bad, no-good, smart-alecy, mean, etc, etc, she is-I want no part of that!" What the world doesn't seem to understand is that as Christians WE KNOW WE ARE NOT PERFECT! We (the honest majority of Christians) realize how undeserving, unworthy, (un)capable, un-everything we are of God's love, mercy, acceptance and grace! I realize how far I fall from leading a life that is perfect and pleasing to God! I try, usually fail, confess, repent and try again. A Christian life is about learning and growing. God loves us where we are. He wants us to know Him and as a result of a relationship with Jesus, share His abundant love with the rest of the world. This preface brings me to real reason for this post.
I am not at all happy about the results of the presidential election.
It does not bring hope to me. I see nothing at all hopeful about a government that supports partial birth abortion. I see nothing at all hopeful about a government willing to reward the lazy and foolish. I see nothing at all hopeful about a government willing to lead us into shame and weakness. I can honestly say that I have been depressed over it. I am fearful of the perverse and in-debt world my children will inherit. I am fearful that the world will punish those with strong characters, conservative opinions and values and integrity. I am fearful that the things that are good, honest and holy will be trampled and defeated. Again I say, I have not been happy about the results of this election. I have even found myself thinking: why bother to teach my children about hard work, sacrifice, love, compassion, mercy-they will suffer from those principles in the world we are giving them.

BUT SHAME ON ME! God does not give us a spirit of FEAR! I have to remember that whatever the outcome GOD IS IN CONTROL and will take care of his own. It is said that 'a child will lead them'. I was lead today.
A friend of mine sent me a link to blog this morning. It was a beautiful blog-pretty words and pictures, pretty craft projects. I browsed this blog for about 20 minutes before I clicked the about me link to see whose blog it was. I was astounded to see that it was the blog of a teenager! I was amazed at her insights and creativity. I am not her mother, don't know her, will never meet her yet I am so proud of her! This young lady brought things back into perspective for me. There is hope! This is the kind of young lady that will renew our nation. God has a plan to prosper, not harm us if we are just willing to listen.

I am still not happy about the results of the election but I am no longer unsettled, seeing only doom and gloom. I have no doubt the road ahead will be hard, but it will all lead to the Glory of God! Thank you Miss Emily Rose for reminding me.
Here is the link to her blog:

With this new hope I felt an urge to create, be productive. I have not been in much of a mood for that lately. I went out, dug in the dirt and added new life to my neglected garden, just as God did for my spirit today.

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