Sunday, January 11, 2009

Old Business

I've been in a creative hole and the blogging spark has passed me by. I have too many irons in the fire and I can't get inspired. Usually, the best way to get out is to just DO IT. So, I'm just doing it. Here are some pics from the last month.

Picture stolen off Julia's blog:

5th Grade band getting ready to perform:

Christmas play and snow party:

The only kind of snow I like-it's pretty much plastic. Plastic snow rocks!

We went to my mom's house for Christmas. My kids just love her jacuzzi tub. A little scarey, this...We hadn't seen the cats for a a little worried:

We went camping New Year's Eve:

Hey. Little girl. GET OUT OF MY TENT.

We had quite the awesome fire. There were kids scrounging firewood for hours:

The party girls:

Adios 2008! Come February I'll be ready for 2009~

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holly said...

yeah a new blog I have been waitig for this one for awhile, You nust just do it your loyal readers here in Salem cant wait for the next one.