Monday, January 12, 2009

I Didn't Think It Could Get Worse

This is my neighbors yard...about a year ago.
Let's just say it's not my taste. My yard may look a little crazy at times with toys, bikes, balls, sports equiptment and the occasional plastic water bottle laying around. And, okay, fine, I have left the new phone book laying in the driveway for a day or two, once or twice. But this...this...this is just beyond all understanding! This is my neighbors yard 3 days ago:

I found the cutest little gnome at a yard sale last week. DH would have had a heart attack if I had put it in our yard sooo, just for fun, I decided to share it with the neighbor.

It's not there anymore. The gnome must have ticked off the flamingos. I hear gnomes are quite the practical jokers. Flamingos must not have a sense of humor. Shame. Prissy little things.


mrsjulia said...

Hi Kim
Thank you Thank you Thank you. I look at your place every day just hoping you have left us something to laugh at or cry about, what ever. I love it!! I cant believe thay took your gift out of context.
Love ya

Sarah said...

Poor Gus would roll over in his grave if he saw this. My mom's yard looks better than this :)

Sarah said...

Hay Kim?
Whats up? I chick every day in hopes of being fed by the pages of your blog. Where are you? I miss you.