Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Geo Caching (at night)

My friend Christine recently discovered geocaching-we haven't been for a long time and her enthusiasm was catchy.
We went to the west of us and found several spooky caches. This is the most colorful cemetery I have ever seen:

In the same town we found the decrepit house, but we didn't find the cache.
This was a fun find:

Going down the country roads at night with a buncha kids to find a cemetery is FUN!
We hit 3 cemetery finds. This one was 'the swingset of doom':
Here's the swingset-it's in a churchyard overlooking the graveyard:
When geocaching, you never know what the clues will lead you to! The cache this clue leads to was the best one ever!

Looking at it now, I don't think it's really a clue! But in the dark, with a flashlight, we thought it said "LOOK"-so we did and we found the cache with super cool stuff in it~


Brandy Ischy said...

my kind of FUN!

joven said...

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