Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun Around Town

@ the festival...
The 'Charlies'
'bout to be sick...
Aren't these the cutest boys ever?!!
I love a midway

Gratuitous Cuteness:
The parade comes right in front of the house:
"Psst. Hey. Brother...I'll give you a buck if you knock over that clown and take his bike..."
Just kidding-they're very nice boys~
Unless you're their sister! We waited hours to spray the girl-that's the great thing about living on the parade route-we have the power of the water hose:
These cheerleaders are not sissies-they fought back:
This poor fella was another target we waited hours to hit-he sacrificed himself to save his buddies (or wait, did they kick him off because they knew he was the target?):

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julia said...

Awsome!! this makes me miss you guys so much. Great pictures of the rides.