Tuesday, November 24, 2015


We took the ferry from Dublin to Holyhead.   Ferries aren't my favorite and I figured I'd be sick, but it was basically a cruise ship.  I was fine.  I wasn't fine when I got my phone bill though.  Fair warning: don't use your phone on the ferry-it's no man's land as far as cell phone companies are concerned and they charge you an actual arm and leg. 

We rode in the 'coach' for a while and ended up in this fabulous place called Beau Maris.  The castle had never been completed, but it was one of the coolest ones we saw.  It had short walls for a castle.  It also had a guard swan.

 Beau Maris is big with clammers.  The way they parked their boats made me laugh.

We drove on to a town called Llangollen.  I have no idea how to pronounce that, but it was a cool town.  Lots of shops I would have loved to have visited, but we got there on a Sunday afternoon and most things were closed.  We stayed in this place that has been a hotel since the 1700's and is supposed to be haunted. It is adjacent to a cemetery even.  I didn't see any ghosts though.

The view from my non-haunted window.
There was some kind of party going on in the lounge so as I was getting ready to sleep, I was lulled into unconsciousness by 1980's metal band covers.   It was a little surreal, to be in this old place listening to Metallica.

Wales was beautiful and I would love to go back and spend more time there. 

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