Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Smoking kills in Scotland, too.  This was spotted in the graveyard we stood in to get a look at the Queen's Edinburgh (pronounced Ed-in-burra) house.  She was coming the day after we left. 

Just chillin', playin' some bagpipes.

View from Edinburra Castle
 This was a pet cemetery in the castle.

Quirky mailbox

Learning to look the opposite direction for oncoming traffic was difficult, but Edinburra does what it can to help us Americans out :)

This is a tiny area between the traffic lanes.  I think they reached maximum occupancy.
Traffic is WHIZZING by...
 One of the things I was most excited about was getting to ride a night train from Edinburgh to London.  Here it is. 

Waiting to find their cubicles.

These were some tiny spaces.
You kinda have to walk a little sideways to get down the hallway.

 It was a long ride, I was tired and didn't get to see any of the countryside I was so looking forward to seeing, because...it was the night train...it was night...
But once we arrived in London (at a ridiculous 6 a.m.), we were greeted with this sign-
get it?
Guess we weren't as far from home as we thought.

Edinburgh is a beautiful city.  Sometimes I can hardly believe I got to go there...

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