Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Best Friends Kids Wedding

Josh is 23. Twenty-Three. Isn't there a law against getting married so young? When I was 23 I new everything, though. I wish I still knew everything. I seriously don't know where all my knowledge went. Oh. Right. Kids.

It was a very cool wedding. Just check out the shoes.

The M.O.G.

She made this awesome grooms cake:

The G-Men

I realize my lack of punctuation in the title may be disturbing for some. I understand, I do. I think I missed that day in school that dealt with apostrophes when the word ends with S. It's over my head, out of my reach, it's lost on me, etc. I try to avoid the possessive apostrophe situation (or whatever it's called) at all costs, but today I just couldn't come up with another title. I'm sorry.



great pics and looked like my kinda wedding. Loved the attire, sweeeet.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim
Great pics! Thank you agian for being there. You are the best BF ever!
Love ya,Julia