Friday, November 14, 2008


Before you start reading this post-go over to my music and scroll down to Groove Is In The Heart by Dee-lite. It's about 10-ish songs up from the bottom. There is no particular reason for this other than it has been stuck with me all morning. I'd just like for you to feel the groove, too.
I haven't posted about my sweet finds lately. I had a pretty good run today. I found a pile of old books.
I'm a sucker for old books, especially old books that are as quirky as these:

The above book is from 1917. Know your enemies I always say.

When I read the first few sentences of this book from 1947 I just knew it was a book for me:

I found this old pretty painted box for .50! It's missing the hasp for securing it shut, but heck-it was .50!

I like kites. I like eyeballs. I couldn't pass up kites with eyeballs. I got 2:

I don't have a reason for this purchase. It just grabbed me. It's pretty stinkin' loud for a little guy:

I can't resist shiny brite either:

These are 2 of the most pristine vintage slips I have ever found:

This is a gaudy vanity set, but it's oh so charming:

The last 2 pics are of my favorite finds today. I about had a heart attack when I saw all 3 of these old cameras:

This travel wallet just made me smile-it's like new. I guess whoever owned it never got to travel. Big bummer.


julia said...

Hi Kim, looks like you had a realy good day of hunting. I miss you.
Love ya

Sarah K. said...

Interesting books!!! Where do you go to find all of this "stuff"? Is your house getting crowded yet? Tell my Savannah to stop growing. She is so tall and grown up. Tell her hello from Sarah. Miss ya.