Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sweet Child O' Mine (Mine, Mine, Mine)

This is my girl. She is smart, beautiful and really quite hilarious.
Math has not been her easiest subject this year (5th grade is hard, by the way) and she has been working very hard to get high grades.

We had a bad storm a couple of days ago-lots of lightning. Here's the conversation that occurred when I picked my kids up from school yesterday:
Me: Hi Kiddos! How was your day?
Boy 1: Good.
Boy 2: Good.
Girl: Guess what happened last night?
Me: What?
Girl: Mrs. V's house burned down! It got hit by lightning! She wasn't even at school today!
Me: Oh Man, that stinks! Poor Mrs. V.
Girl: And do you want to hear some bad news?
Me: (thinking-what could be worse?) What?
Girl: The paper I made a 97 on was in the house-it got burned up and she hadn't even put it in the grade book yet!
I think she channeled Junie B. Jones for a moment.



LOL. Bummer

Julia said...

I'm laughing so hard my side is hurting!!! Thats BAD BAD news. Sorry to hear about Mrs. V house.
Love Julia

Sarah said...

Little girl...keep doing well in school. Can't wait to show you around A&M. I will still probably be here when you are ready leave the small town and come up to College Station. You will eventually end up being my dog's vet probably. Gig'em Savannah and God Bless!!!

sarah said...

whoops, i used the girls name. sorry.

holly said...

What a wonderful child that girl is she must take after her favorite great aunt. Keep up the good work in school and remember if you come and live with me it public school for you