Sunday, November 29, 2015


I hated London when we first got there.  It was hot and our hotel had no AC.  AC is not a big thing in the UK.  We just happened to be there in a record breaking heat wave.  I'm no stranger to a hellishly hot day, I mean, I do live in Texas, but we have AC. Being on buses and trains and subways and just being in the middle of a bunch of hot, stinky people was not a good time.  I was just over it.  However, when you meet a friendly policeman, who proudly shows you his gun, grins brightly and says it's only for "public assurance", your day gets better-even though you're hot and tired.  I didn't even think British cops were allowed guns. 

And I couldn't resist-"Look kids, Big Ben!" Every single time we saw it :)

 Pano from the London Eye
 It wasn't falling down.
 There's no AC in here...
 Pano Picadilly
 Their seats at a street performance.  We kept looking for Ed Sheeran, but no luck.

 The beginning of the changing of the guards.  It's about 90 degrees.  I can't believe one of them did not fall out...
We were expecting to hear some grand marching song from the band, but we were treated to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Totally unexpected.  I think the Brits have a pretty good sense of humor.

 Thames pano
 Give way...
 Windsor Castle was beautiful, but you aren't allowed to take pics of the cool stuff inside.
 The last night, 3 girls and I braved the tube and London city streets alone to see this play. 
So long London! I hope I get to come back someday!

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