Thursday, December 10, 2015

Our Feral Tree

Years ago we visited an historic building in the area during Christmas.  It is a beautiful stone building (pretty much a ruin now) that German immigrants dug out of the earth to create a home.  In one of the rooms there was a shaggy cedar tree just sparkling with mercury glass ornaments.  I fell in love! I have wanted a cedar Christmas tree ever since.  Usually we go to a tree farm and walk aimlessly through the rows of neatly trimmed furs and pines.  I always ask if they have any cedars.  They usually look at me like I have a cat on my head and say no.  Apparently, there are not many people out there in love with shaggy cedar trees. 
Recently, my son was tasked with clearing a fence row.    Lo and behold, the fence row contained (among the jumping cactus) cedar trees!! 
Dare to dream people-dreams really do come true sometimes.
The boys were not thrilled about cutting this out of the fence-their cries of "Mom, it's been raining for a week, we don't want to lay in puddles" and "Mom, those jumping cactus needles hurt" and "Mom, I just saw a poisonous snake slither out of there", were answered with "Suck it up buttercup, I'm not raising ninnies".  We don't mollycoddle around here. 
First they did a little clearing with the machete.  Jumping cactus is no joke.

Then they discussed who should lay in the mud first.
 Finally, the little one gets to sawing.  I didn't get a pic of  #1 son pulling it out of the fence because, hey, he's the middle kid.  I forget to document his life sometimes....

 And here we are.  The majestic, crooked, shaggy wonder.  The most magnificent tree to ever grace our hall:

We all have our quirks.  So what it's crooked :)
It's straight enough from this angle.
 An actual antique ornament from my gramma's tree.
 This one isn't nearly as beautiful as the "inspiration" tree, but I'm happy with it.  Now that I know where to get a cedar, next year's will be even better.


In the middle of all your Christmas busyness and craziness, and in the wonder and awe and beauty of this season, don't forget: Jesus is the reason for all of this.  A merciful, wonderful, glorious God.  A God of love, hope, forgiveness and redemption.  We are all as imperfect as my feral tree, but we are loved nonetheless.  Thank you, Jesus.

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julia said...

Thank you for the beautiful story
!! I love your tree.